The NCFA Steering Committee represents NCFA as a whole and consists of no more than twenty members selected from the Members.  Members shall represent an Organizational Member that has activities on folic acid or anIndividual Member who is actively engaged in folic acid issues.  An effort toward representation of diverse geographic areas of the country shall be made. Up to fifteen members shall represent an Organizational Member and up to five members shall be Individual Members.  Members shall serve for a minimum of two years with two-to-five members rotating per year. 

The Steering Committee will:

  1. foster communication and coordination among all NCFA members to include members of the Steering Committee serving as “Folic Acid Mentors” to member organizations so that members are familiar with the resources that are already available and so that efforts are not duplicated;
  2. attend meetings and participate in conference calls;
  3. recruit NCFA members to include reaching out to their member networks in an effort to promote NCFA and increase awareness of the coalition;
  4. approve new members to NCFA; and
  5. review and approve usage and application of NCFA icon.

The NCFA Executive Committee is a subcommittee of the Steering Committee composed of five members in addition to two co-chairs.  Members of the Executive Committee will be selected from the Steering Committee by vote from the Steering Committee.
Responsibilities of Executive Committee Members include:

  1. Program and fiscal planning.
  2. Campaign coordination.
  3. Strategic planning and technical advising.
  4. Agenda development for Steering Committee meetings and conference calls.
  5. Determining the number of Steering Committee members by October 1 for the upcoming year (October-September).

The Membership Workgroup is currently focused on implementing a member survey.
The National Meeting Workgroup is currently planning the upcoming national meeting.

Contact NCFA at ncfa@sbaa.org if you are interested in volunteering for a workgroup or serving on a committee.